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That's Mushing ! - sleddog racing - English - Grand Nord FILMS

EMIL INAUEN - La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc 2010 CHAMPION

That’s Mushing ! is an amazing trip inside the everyday’s life of a professionnal musher and his sleddogs.

The journey starts in Switzerland where Emil Inauen has settled his kennel of about thirty Alaskan Huskies and where we’ll discover how he is working with his dogs. You’ll learn how he succeed to turn these known-to-be-difficult dogs to friendly pet dogs but also and especially to incredible athletes, able to run during hours in extreme conditions.

We’ll then head towards the French Alps where Emil and the dogs run La Grande Odyssée, a very tough race for the dogs and for the mushers because of the huge altitude difference, at more than 2000 meters high.

Then we’ll leave to the far North far above the arctic circle in the norwegian tundra to join Emil and his wife Barbara on the frozen trail of the Finnmarkslopet, the northernmost race in the world.

During that unique trip you’ll have the chance to witness the extraordinary bound that links the man and his dogs through the trials they shared into the great wild spaces.

Jump on the runners and MUSH ON!

DVD - 65 minutes - 16/9 Fit all screen - sound matrix surround 5.1

DVD 0 = all zones

LANGUAGE : English - SUBTITLES : German, Norwegian, French




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